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Light Shield is a light power used by Light Jak during Jak 3, granted after traversing the catacombs subrails, shortly before exploring the Haven City eco mine.

Use[edit | edit source]

Jak can enclose himself in an orbital light eco shield that absorbs every attack. The shield inflicts no harm to enemies, but does cause either stun or knock-back. Sometimes, however, if a spydroid or other weak enemy rams into the shield, it will die. The shield disables Jak's ability to jump, and stops his kick short half way. Light mode can be activated by pressing L2 + Circle, while the shield requires the player to hold Circle.

Glitch flight[edit | edit source]

There is a glitch which in combination with Light Flight allows Jak to fly indefinitely. You can do this by pressing X + Circle over and over again in a rhythmic pattern. Be sure that the pattern is consistent, or Jak will lose altitude and the flight will sometimes fail.

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