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The Lurker ship is a large boat docked in the closed off bay of Misty Island during The Precursor Legacy. It is connected to land by a wooden walkway. A continuous stream of logs travels down a secondary walkway (which leads to the top of the island) which all end up inside the ship, likely for supplies or fuel.

It was related to three missions in the area, one was the "Climb the Lurker ship" mission in which Jak had to jump on-board and take a power cell on the stern of the ship. Another power cell appeared in the hold after all the balloon lurkers were killed, it was also the starting point for the trip to the top of the island to stop the cannon.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The ship is a standard example of lurker engineering and design, it is large and bulky and covered with metal plates along the hull as well as spiked bones at the front and back ends. On both sides of the hull, in the center, is a fortified platform which can be opened or closed to allow access into the hull, likely it also functions as a way to drop off troops. On top of the ship are three tall masts, with fans atop instead of sails, it is likely the fans power an unseen mechanism within the ship to power the paddle wheel at the back. It also has a couple of tiny wooden buildings with more metal plating on top, though these can't be accessed. The logs mentioned before enter through an opening on the top of the ship where after they end up somewhere inside.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Lurker ship concept art.png
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