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The lurker snake,[1] also known as the jungle snake[2] or lurker python,[3] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. They are large, brown serpentine lurkers residing in the canopy of Forbidden Jungle. They primarily act as sentries, hanging from branches at fixed points in the level to attack intruders, such as Jak.


The lurker snake is considerably long, able to extend to Jak's level from high up in the treetops. It has a large head with a distinct profile (more closely resembling rattlesnakes than its namesake pythons), with a flat, triangle-shaped cranium, downward-angled eyes, and prominent nostrils. Also similar to rattlesnakes, it makes a constant rattling sound that can be heard immediately upon entering an area in which it drops (though the end of its tail is never seen in-game).

The lurker snake possesses distinct lurker characteristics, namely a pair of spurs on each side of its lower jaw, orange-yellow eyes, and a metal collar. It also has decorative swirls down its back, similar in pattern to many, though not all, lurkers. The patterns are dark brown against otherwise light brown, scaleless skin, apart from its underbelly which is beige and scaled.


Lurker snakes appear in three points in the jungle: two in the first path, then one further ahead on the ledge leading to the lurker machine. Immediately after encroaching upon these territories, a lurker snake will drop down from a branch and keep its eyes locked on Jak. If Jak gets close enough, it will attempt to bite him. Evasion is quite easy as they do not move from their position, and their range is somewhat small (however, the paths are also narrow, so care is necessary to completely sidestep them).

In cases where evasion is not convenient, attacking them is a matter of timing and aim; the simplest option is to kick close enough to them and quick enough before they land their bite. Jump-kicking while moving is also an effective option, though it is possible to accidentally jump over the downward arc of their back, completely missing them, especially if they are mid-extension during a bite attack.


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