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Make delivery to Hip Hog Saloon was a mission in Jak II. Torn needed Jak to make a delivery to one of the suppliers of the Underground. He had to deliver a bag of eco ore to the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon and ask for Krew.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The first racing mission in Jak II involves Jak racing down Haven City (from the Slums, through the Industrial Section, and to the Port) towards the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon. The red security pass found in the previous mission will unlock the Industrial Section barrier.

There will be a zoomer parked outside the hideout with a package strapped to the back. This zoomer has to be brought to the Saloon in-tact, as losing it means mission failure. There is no time limit, though the Krimzon Guard will have set up blockades using their KG patrol bikes and Krimzon Guard cruisers. The bar at the top represents the distance from the starting point to the end point.

The alarm system goes off as soon as you reach the first turbo cannon in the Industrial Section, with the first blockade shortly after it (visible on the mini-map). Now this can be done two ways: you either count on your driving skills and just burst through them (while flying at ground level to avoid hitting their zoomers), since the KG will mostly miss if you drive fast enough.

Or you can head up the ramp at the start of the Industrial Section and use the overhead walkway to fly past them. This won't do at the blockade before the Port however, which is where you will have to go through the blockade. Once you're in the Port, the area is completely open, making it very easy to reach maximum speed safely and head for the Saloon.

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