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The marauder buggy is a vehicle in Jak 3. They were used by Marauders to scout the desert for Precursor artifacts, as well as wolf pack raids on wastelanders. They have also been used in suicidal kamikaze attacks on Spargus' front gate.

Marauder buggies have the typical buggy main frame, often with spiked wheels, or at least some spiked appendages or addons. They have minimal armor made of scrap metal and sometimes with open-seating, allowing them to quickly exit the vehicle.[1] They have a red Blaster mounted on top of it, and, while capable of picking up turbos, are never seen using them.

They are best fought in a buggy; with both grenades and an auto-targeting machinegun being especially effective. It is recommended not to try fighting them on foot, unless you have obtained the Peace Maker (which can destroy a buggy in one hit) or the Plasmite RPG.

Kamikaze buggiesEdit

During the mission "Defend Spargus' front gate" you will encounter burning marauder buggies, indicated by a bright orange blip on the mini-map. They will drive around a bit like normal buggies but soon will plunge into Spargus' gate, destroying themselves, while attempting to crack it open.

Leader buggiesEdit

Leader marauder's buggy concept art

During the "Take out Marauder stronghold" mission you encounter special marauder buggies with a blue-ish body tint. During the ambush where Jak fights a bunch of Marauders they eventually flee, forcing you to hunt them down. The last one was carrying a Prism, which Jak needed for the astro-viewer.


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