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The Marauder catapult is a vehicle in Jak 3. They were used by the Marauders in the missions "Defend Spargus' front gate" and "Take out Marauder stronghold".

These vehicles are large catapults mounted on a large buggy chassis covered in ramshackle armor. It has a green camo-like design on it, bearing multiple spikes. They were used at least once to besiege Spargus alongside kamikaze marauder buggies by hurling flaming boulders at the walls. However Jak repelled the assault in one of Spargus' armed buggies. They were also seen bombarding the Marauders own fortress as a desperate attempt to drive Jak out.

They are surprisingly fast in getting into position. Its powerful main weapon is potentially very destructive, although inaccurate against any small moving target and has a slow rate of fire, they are, therefore, best designed for sieges against large defenses such as city walls. However, their main weakness is that it takes a matter of seconds to get prepare to fire after getting into a static position. This can make them sitting ducks against an agile wastelander buggy, with only a light Blaster as defense.

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