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This particular variant of metal-pede is an enemy only encountered in Jak 3. They are massive arthropod metal heads, only seen in the Metal Head cave in the mission "Destroy metal-pedes in nest" in which Jak, Daxter, and Sig took the Gila Stomper to hunt them for an eco crystal. Damas mentioned that they had been harassing Spargus artifact carriers for some time.

These are large arthropod metal heads closely resembling centipedes. They are rough and rocky common to many other desert metal heads.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Concept art.

Metal-pede egg.

The metal-pede is only fought using the Gila Stomper, where it takes a lot of damage before being killed. They attack by burrowing underground and popping up here and there to fire off a couple of accurate quick shots at their enemy. Sometimes they will also jump into the air and burrow underground elsewhere. With their size they can easily push back even the biggest armored cars without receiving any damage.

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