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Metal Head cave is a location featured in Jak 3. It is a large cave formation situated in the desert Wasteland in the east, south-east, and is home to "wasteland metal heads", namely the metal-pede and bat. It is also home to an abundance of pod spider metal heads, and has the highest concentration of the species than in anywhere else. Jak and Sig visited here on two occasions, the first time of which they were mandated by Damas (on the consequence of banishment from Spargus) to exterminate the eggs of metal-pedes that had been harassing his artifact carriers.[a] Later, Sig discovered a light eco crystal in the cave, and offered to give it to Jak if he helped him battle through returning metal-pedes. In both missions they used the Gila Stomper, likely due to the abundance of ambush-style enemies (which could be combated by the auto-aiming turret that the Stomper was equipped with, and defended with the heavy armor it has), as well as the magnitude of the cave's terrain.

Metal Head cave egg

Hive metal head eggs.

The Metal Head cave is a corrasional cavern consisting mostly of what appears to be limestone columns and stalactites on the ceiling, and mud and sand on the floor bottom which forms a hard, rocky foundation. These hard rock formations commonly produce bridges, corridors, and vast pathways which contributes to a terrain of large magnitude. It is due to the cave's size that it is normally traversed via buggies, and not on foot. The size also provides an ideal environment for the aforementioned wasteland metal heads. Additionally, there is a network of gaseous tubes along the ceiling which connect to metal head eggs to form a type of hive. When the eggs were destroyed by Sig and Jak, the tubes began to leak toxic fumes which presented imminent danger to them. There are also the common egg pods which clustered upon one of the columns found in the cave. Additionally, the cave is home to a natural sludge river.




  1. This suicide mission was given to them as an opportunity to redeem themselves after defiling the "purity of the arena." It is required that all battle participants in the Spargus arena kill each other until only one is standing, which both Jak and Sig refused to do due to their friendship.
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