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The Metal Head tower was a nerve center for the Metal Heads at Metal Head city in Haven City, featured in Jak 3. It presumably acted as a type of command post during the war, being located at the mouth of an area of Haven City claimed by the Metal Heads following the collapse of the Palace. Jak visited the tower in the mission "Destroy Metal Head tower" in an attempt to penetrate Metal Head forces, helped by Sig, Torn, and Jinx in the mission "Blow open tower door". However, while there, Jak only encountered dark makers, though metal head eggs were still seen. The metal heads may have abandoned it either due to the war or after the arrival of the dark makers. When Jak reached the top of the tower, he confronted Cyber Errol, who then set off a sequence using a dark eco crystal to blow up the tower. Just before it detonated, Sig showed up in the HellCat and removed Jak and Daxter from the tower.

The tower itself is shaped somewhat like a large asparagus, albeit more twisted and sprouting exterior roots. The "head" of the tower is circumferenced with lights and several windows. The inside of the tower consists of rocky, petrified material with various forms of moss and other biological matter, with varying ground levels eventually leading up to the very top where a dark eco portal that appeared to act like a warp gates was located. Intertwined networks of very thick roots make up the structure of the tower, with a seemingly endless amount of bottomless pits between the platforms. There are several spawn holes located along the walls that spit out dark splitter enemies, as well as large moving tentacles sweeping some of the passageways of the tower. Troopers and hornets spawn from anywhere, often causing hazards when traversing the tower's already-dangerous layout. Various bridges and elevators would appear and re-appear, seemingly from thin air.


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