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The metal back[1][2][3] (named for the skull gem it carries on its carapace)[4] is an enemy featured in Daxter. It is one of the most common metal bugs encountered, usually found alongside many other bugs if not other metal backs. In fact, it was the first metal bug to appear in Haven City and remained the most common throughout the invasion.[5]

They have a similar appearance to a common beetle, with four legs (and two frontal appendages) and a hard-shell thorax. Typical to metal heads, the metal back has a light silver/gold sheen to its metallic armor, with two beady, yellow eyes and a dark blue under skin.

Concept art.

Despite their size, they are relatively strong, requiring a combo and/or finishing slam with the electric bug swatter to destroy them. The spray gun only temporarily stuns them, while the flamethrower attachment will cause them to scamper around before burning to death. The ultrasonic attachment will kill them instantly.

They are the only bugs spawned by spawners other than flankers. They are easily avoidable due to the fact that they remain on a single level and cannot traverse across varying grounds. However they do present a danger when in large numbers, during which they can flank Daxter and bite him.


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