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The metal creeper[1] is a spider-like metal bug that appears in most locations featured in Daxter. They are quite low in height, but make up for that in circumference with their many legs, which they can use to crawl on gratings and netting on walls, much like Daxter. Metallic armor covers their body from above, hiding their almost black skin. Their skull gem is housed on their back.

Much like actual spiders they can utilize spider silk and frequently use it to hide on the ceiling, lowering themselves to ambush unsuspecting intruders. They will also attempt to construct and place webs in their habitats, though this was only seen in the scarcely-visited brewery and distillery areas, where Daxter had to use his flamethrower attachment to burn through webs blocking doorways.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Creepers rely on either a venomous spit attack from a distance or a slight flanking maneuver followed by a short lunge to bite their opponents. The spit attack is easy to predict, as it visibly prepares the poison, though it is hard to avoid since its aim is very precise. The bite attack has a similar issue where the short forward lunge it performs can catch you off guard. Alone, they are a minor threat, but in groups or accompanying other bugs, they can be much more difficult opponents.

Despite their spider-like body, they will not actively follow on different ground levels. As such, avoiding them is a matter of getting out of range for their spit attack. When encountered on a vertical area, they will only use their bite to engage you, which deals double the damage in these situations.

Despite their versatility, creepers are quite frail and fall easily under a combo or a finishing slam from the electric bug swatter, though they are slightly resistant to the spray gun. As such, it takes a second to stun them, and they will not stay stunned for long. On the other hand, the flamethrower or ultrasonic attachment finishes them off instantly.

References[edit | edit source]

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