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The metal head beast is an enemy in Jak 3. They are massive dinosaur-like metal heads, only found in the Wasteland encountered in the missions "Destroy metal head beasts", and "Chase down metal head beasts".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Metal head beasts are rare, massive, dinosaur-like metal heads, bearing fewer bio-mechanical traits than most metal heads. They have a dark-brown skin complexion with various metal plates, their heads being entirely enclosed in metal with the exception of their two eyes, skull gem, and very sharp teeth. They have two large back legs with two extremely small arms whose usage is doubtful, along with a mounted cannon on top of their back.

Though they are large, they can travel exceptionally fast, and usually found in groups or squads. During the missions in which they appear, the desert thunders with their stomps, indicating large mass/weight.

Similar to grunts (and possibly other types of metal heads), they can understand the language which humans speak, as Cyber Errol had contacted one through a communicator speaking to it as if it would understand. Kleiver also noted that he made a "sweet deal" with them at some point, indicating possible sentience.

Combat[edit | edit source]

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Metal head beasts tend to trot aimlessly around the desert, crushing and stomping on anybody or thing that may be straying around. They are not typically offensive, though if you drive too close to one, it will send you flying across the desert.[note 1] However, they also have cannons on their back, which fires metallic dark eco shells aimlessly, used more as a defense mechanism.

In both missions, the strategy is rather simple; take out the metal head beasts by aiming anywhere on their body, and avoid their dark eco projectiles. In "Chase down metal head beasts", you should destroy incoming dark eco bombs (and metal head flyer missile fire). In "Destroy metal head beasts", you should attempt to maneuver until you are in a nice position to fire.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One metal head beast was referred to as a Metal Head commander.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. During which the game screen stops in slow-motion, though you are still able to control the vehicle.

References[edit | edit source]

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