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The metal klaw[1][2] is one of the most powerful metal bugs featured in Daxter. They resemble scorpions and share many traits with the stinger, though do not rely on their own stinger and instead utilize a set of rotatable blades fixed into their front appendages. A later variation even replaces the stinger with a four-pronged tip that can produce an electrical shock over five times the length of the metal klaw itself.

They have little armor, only covering their short, stubby legs, frontal appendages, tail and head, with the skull gem on the back of the armor that covers the head. The dark blue body remains unprotected. They are quite agile and can jump from large heights without issue. Out of all the locations in which they appear, their largest numbers are encountered in Haven Palace, where they grossly outnumber the other bugs.

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Combat[edit | edit source]

Early on a metal klaw will attack by activating its saw blades, grinding them into the ground and charging straight ahead at high speed toward its target. Once stopped they will back away from the target, swinging the saw blades left and right to deter a counterattack, after which it will retreat and repeat the process. The charge attack can be dodged with a timed double jumped or a simple evasive hover from the spray gun's pressure boost attachment. The spray itself is also effective in stunning it, though the flamethrower attachment excels in killing it instantly. With practice one can simply lure a klaw into a charge attack, then burn them as they are close enough.

Metal klaws are sturdy enough to survive a single finishing move from an electric bug swatter's combo, though since said move can then be chained into another, it is inevitably doomed at close range.

The later variant is more dangerous, as the electric shock is hard, if not impossible, to see coming and has enough range to easily strike you without even so much as a chance of attacking it. It is recommended to either hover into close range with a roundabout evasive maneuver and hit it with the flamethrower, or simply rely heavily on the ultrasonic attachment, even though it will take two shots to kill it.

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