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The metal slug,[1][2] sometimes referred to as simply the slug,[3] is an enemy featured in Daxter. It is a metal bug that resides underground and will resurface upon detection of an enemy (namely Daxter). Metal slug spots are designated by a small dirt mound on the surface, though the slug is also strong enough to embed themselves within steel structures, such as in the fish cannery and the Palace.

They have a segmented abdomen similar to a snake with a metallic head with beady yellow eyes. They have silver armor and a dark blue skin color underneath.

Metal slug concept art.

Metal slugs will spit dark eco blasts at their target and will retreat back underground when hit with the electric bug swatter. The flamethrower and ultrasonic attachments do not work as well against these enemies, meaning the most effective way to defeat them is to temporarily stun them with the spray gun then proceed to attack with the swatter (Taryn specifically gave Daxter the spray gun for these enemies in the construction site). While stunned, a combo or single finishing slam is sufficient to defeat them.

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