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The Miner is a minor character in Daxter. When he hit the "mother lode" while mining for eco crystals at the strip mine, he ran into several metal bugs and sent a distress call to Osmo, to which Daxter responded. Upon arrival, Daxter collected eight of the crystals for him. He afterward expressed his satisfaction, saying how Daxter has "no idea how much those Haven City suckers are paying" for them.[1]

The Miner later had Daxter smash bug hives to provoke the hive queen, at which point the queen would fly into a "trap" he set, which was Daxter himself. Daxter proceeded to battle and defeat the queen, to the jubilation of the Miner.

The Miner wears blue denim overalls, an off-white under shirt, brown knee-high boots, a yellow hard hat and thick brown gloves. He wields a pickaxe for his work, and has an extremely dirty face with goggle lines, indicating he wears some type of protective eyewear. He otherwise comes across as lazy and laid back, seemingly unwilling to do work himself.

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