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Fishing minigame in The Precursor Legacy

Minigames are a common occurrence in the Jak and Daxter series, appearing in every game except Jak X: Combat Racing. A minigame typically involves a game mechanic that is not normally available in the game itself, is replayable, and can be played for a certain score. This score can involve reaching a certain highscore in target shooting, or lasting as long as possible in an endurance round, or beating the record time in a race.

List of minigames[edit | edit source]

Name Description
The Precursor Legacy
Fishing game A one-time minigame where you have to catch fish for the Fisherman.
Swamp rat shooting game A one-time minigame where you have to shoot numerous swamp rats to defend snacks for Boggy Billy.
Dead Man's Gorge race A short race through Dead Man's Gorge in the Precursor Basin.
Jak II
Onin game Onin continually spawns symbols which have to be pressed with the corresponding icons on the controller.
Metal Head Mash Daxter has to smash metal head puppets on a console with holes corresponding to each of the buttons on the controller.
Gun course training A collection of four gun courses for each of the four Morph Gun weapons, where you have to shoot targets to earn points.
NYFE racing A collection of races using air racers in the Mar Memorial Stadium, as well as two with zoomers in Haven City.
JET-Board game A stunt course in the Mar Memorial Stadium, where Jak has to use his JET-Board to complete tricks and stunts to earn points.
Jak 3
Satellite game As the icons appear on-screen, they have to be pressed the moment they move into the (also moving) circles.
Eco grid game A pac-man style minigame where you have to collect little balls along various paths, while avoiding the enemy.
Spargus turret game A target shooting minigame involving the Spargus gun turret.
Gun course training A collection of two gun courses for the Beam Reflexor and Wave Concussor, as well as two unique Ratchet and Clank gun courses.
Kleiver's challenges A collection of special challenges made by Kleiver, where you have to either race against or kill a large number of Marauders or gain a high enough amount of (single or total) hang time, distance crossed without touching the ground and rolls with your buggies.
JET-Board challenge A stunt course set in the Industrial Section, using the JET-Board you have to complete tricks and stunts around the area to earn points.
Dream mode A series of short endurance-based minigames, where you rapidly have to press a sequence of buttons to fight a variety of different enemies.
Bug combat An advanced version of rock-paper-scissors involving bugs, as well as tokens to greatly enhance gameplay.
The Lost Frontier
Plane races Races involving planes throughout two different areas along the Brink, the objective is not only to keep up with the other racers, but also to shoot as many targets to gain a highscore.
Danger Course Similar to the gun course training missions, except involving only the Gunstaff weapons. Shoot targets to gain points, while avoiding civilians. Unlike the gun course, the Danger Course has an extra platforming path where you must shoot targets, as well as sections where you must dodge automated turrets.
Daxterjacking A small minigame in which you use Daxter to grapple onto enemy ships to steal scrap, plane weapons, modifications, and eventually destroy them.
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