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Misty Island is a location in The Precursor Legacy. It is a sludge-filled island surrounded by heavy banks of mist with mud and rocky structures, littered with skeletons of large animals. The island also contains a few Precursor artifacts, the most notable of which are the dark eco silos. In the opening sequence of the first game, Daxter fell into one of these silos, transforming him into an ottsel, leading to the succeeding events for the remainder of the game.


The Precursor Legacy[]

In The Precursor Legacy, Misty Island served as one of the bases for the Lurkers, led by Gol Acheron and his sister Maia. The island was featured in the beginning of the game as a location prohibited by Jak and Daxter's guardian Samos Hagai, for fear of the dangers there. Jak and Daxter disobeyed Samos, and ended up being attacked by a bone armor lurker. Although Jak defeated the lurker, he inadvertently knocked Daxter into a dark eco silo after the resulting detonation of a dark eco canister.

Jak and Daxter later revisit the island after having access to the speedboat granted to them by the Fisherman upon completing Catch 200 pounds of fish. Here, they were consented to go to the island after training at Geyser Rock. They completed various tasks, among them capturing the Sculptor's muse and eliminating a band of balloon lurkers at the island's bay with the A-Grav Zoomer. Samos also specifically requested that Jak stop the cannon from attempting to open the Precursor silo. A species of lurker known as a bone armor lurker are unique to this area, possibly originating from this location.


Misty Island.

Misty Island is an arid off-shore island location south-east of Sandover Village, only accessible via the speedboat. It is surrounded by a thick fog, and has many old skeletons of animals whose origin and species are unexplained. The island primarily consists of scattered rocky platforms with banks of mist and water, and a large bay surrounded by a wooden fence. In this bay lies the lurker ship, and around it holds various primitive lurker technology such as wooden bridges, hazardous barrels, and other contraptions.

There are two dark eco silos on this island: a small, open one which Daxter fell into, and a larger one which was sealed, and served as the stage for an ambush when they attempted to return to the dark eco pool. According to Samos Hagai, the lurkers on Misty Island had constructed a large cannon which they repeatedly fired at the large dark eco silo until it was shut down by Jak.