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Mog is a minor character in Jak II. He works for Krew as one of his three explosive experts along with Jinx and Grim. Mog only appeared in the mission "Escort men through sewers", where he was escorted by Jak through the Haven sewers together with Jinx and Grim. His goal, together with his two companions, was to blow up the statue of Mar and retrieve the Heart of Mar artifact from it, in which they succeeded attributed to Jak defending the trio from the hosehead infestations. It is unknown what happened to Mog, or Grim, as neither one are seen or mentioned in subsequent installments.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Mog in the sewers.

Mog is a tall and muscular human, with a blue aviator's cap, ripped clothing green in color, and large amounts of explosives strapped to his back. He carries a pistol, though is portrayed as very cowardly, possibly the most out of the three bombers. He, evidently, has a high amount of admiration for Jak, commenting on his physical prowess and attempting to compare himself to the hero, often met with remarks by Jinx.

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