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The Needle Lazer is a weapon used by Jak during Jak 3. It is heat seeking laser dispensing weapon that is blue eco-powered. It is a blue mod Morph Gun weapon focusing on medium-power, medium-range force. Jak received the weapon from Jinx after the mission "Destroy eco grid with Jinx".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

On addition of the mini-gun barrel and metal plates from the previous two mods, the firing barrel becomes reduced to a basic metallic shaft (still obtaining the three metal protrusions). The Needle Lazer shoots out three heat-seeking laser bullets per shot to all enemies in range.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Jak firing the Needle Lazer.

As the Needle Lazer's bullets automatically home in on enemies, it is one of the few weapons where one won't need to worry about actually aiming. It is instead best to concentrate on not being hit while making sure to hold down the fire button until all desired enemies are dead (and to immediately stop firing when they are, as it eats ammunition). Despite being a tier three weapon, it is not very powerful compared to other weapons; the bullets are relatively weak, and sometimes it can be difficult to get them to hit the enemy you want instead of one that does not pose an immediate threat.

The best enemies to attack with this weapon are either fast or flying ones in wide open areas (to avoid the bullets hitting inanimate objects). Hover guards, wasps, mantises and especially the Dark Makers' hornet are all good choices. This does not mean it isn't effective against any other enemy, but it is not recommended to be the very first choice in such cases.

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