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New Haven is a district in Haven City featured in Jak 3. The sector is a renovation of the Water Slums and northern Slums districts, emerging during the reformation period when Ashelin Praxis became governor. Its primary point-of-interest during the game was the Freedom HQ.

History[edit | edit source]

New Haven was constructed to replace the Water Slums and the northern part of the Slums. It was built with the Freedom League headquarters as an aesthetically modern area (a developed sector) matching Main Town in class. After reconnecting the southern Freedom League in the Port to the New Haven HQ, Jak visited this area primarily to receive missions and information from Ashelin Praxis, Samos Hagai, and Onin. The only mission which took place solely in New Haven was "Defend HQ from attack", when the KG Death Bots attacked New Haven with armored dropships. After this mission, New Haven went from an area controlled by the Freedom League to a battle zone.

After the War for Haven City, New Haven expanded further into the city and appeared in Jak X: Combat Racing.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Some of New Haven's greenery.

As previously mentioned, New Haven is located where the Water Slums and northern Slums used to sit; the north, north-east section of Haven's landscape. It consists of sidewalks placed between rivers of water on either side, decorated with various trees, shrubs, and water fountains, lined with skyscrapers, apartments, and other buildings. It is the most architecturally advanced sector of Haven City, especially after the destruction of Main Town when the Palace was bombed (the two sectors of which bear many structural similarities).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Jak II, coincidentally there is a billboard in the Slums right where the future entrance to New Haven is placed in the following game, depicting a futuristic skyscraper reading "Future" in Precursor text.[1]

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