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No Man's Canyon is a minor location in Jak II. Located near the Mountain Temple, this was the location of the fabled Light Tower that pointed to the location of the Tomb of Mar. Jak activated the tower in the mission "Use items in No Man's Canyon", and was only able to access the canyon by passing through a Precursor door by using the Seal of Mar artifact. The area has a rocky terrain with little vegetation compared to the rest of the mountain range, and was decorated with various statues possibly resembling Mar.

All three machines that comprised Mar's contraption were located here, including the Light Tower, shard machine, and gear machine. Jak obtained the lens, shard, and gear artifacts in Mountain Temple during the missions "Find lens in Mountain Temple", "Find shard in Mountain Temple", and "Find gear in Mountain Temple", respectively. The lens was an ovular crystal found in a light beam temple. The shard was found placed in front of an oracle-like statue, and consisted of a Precursor metal-forged based with constantly vibrating crystals, most likely consisting of blue eco. The gear was found in an elaborate machine, and appeared to power it, as when Daxter removed it, the machine ceased to function and fell completely apart.

When Jak and Daxter arrived at No Man's Canyon, Jak threw the lens into the Light Tower and Daxter placed the gear in the gear machine. The gear machine activated a series of several other gears which drove the Light Tower up into position to reflect a powerful blue beam generated by the shard machine. The beam, consisting of four smaller beams that converged into one, reflected from the lens and through the heart of the Baron's statue placed atop the Tomb of Mar's roof.

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