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The oasis is a small area of the Wasteland, featured in Jak 3. It is here where Jak fights a dark satellite in the mission "Rescue wastelanders", and meets Ashelin for the first time since his banishment in the mission "Defend Ashelin at oasis", after which he receives his JET-Board and a Seal of Mar. The area consists of a perimeter of large boulders and palm trees, with a small pool of water. It is the host to the satellite game, which can be found towards the south of the area, next to a palm tree.

On the map a palm tree icon will appear when a mission requires visiting the oasis. During the rest of the game it can be found in the southwestern portion of the Wasteland map. Other than the dark satellite minigame, there are a few Precursor orb challenges in this area marked by the yellow symbol on the map. An oracle totem once referred to the oasis as a location for a Precursor orb, saying that "this spot was a place of reflection for the great warrior Mar."[1]

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