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Ottsel Dummy[1] is one of the three Precursor ottsels seen in Jak 3 along with Ottsel Leader and Ottsel Surfer. As his name suggests, he is perhaps the least intelligent and quite naïve, often having to be corrected or abruptly interrupted by Ottsel Leader. In example, following the Ottsel Leader's statement of being the "most powerful beings in the universe", the Ottsel Dummy replied with a confused "We are?" to which he was immediately and hastily quieted, either suggesting the Precursors may not be the most powerful beings in the universe, or just further demonstrating Ottsel Dummy's lack of awareness and intelligence.

Ottsel Dummy is, as his name implies, an ottsel, with red-orange and pale yellow coloration, wearing a head cap crafted in Precursor metal which covers his eyes and pushes his ears behind his head. According to a Naughty Dog developer, he is depicted as a dummy for his overbite and bucked teeth with slowed speech and poor recognition, often slouching back and scratching his head.[1] He wears a gray coat with khaki shorts and a Precursor metal belt.

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