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Ottsel Leader is one of the three Precursor ottsels seen in Jak 3 along with Ottsel Surfer and Ottsel Dummy. As his name suggests, he is the leader of the Precursor trio, appearing to be the most intelligent. He is soft-spoken, comes off as wise, yet retains a somewhat mischievous streak, as he has been known to transform people into ottsels as a way of granting favors with little more than a "Be careful what you wish for" as a warning.

It appeared to be Ottsel Leader who was voicing the Precursor holograms and messages as seen in oracles and other recorded messages. He used a transmitter instrument made of Precursor metal which disguised his high-pitched ottsel voice. The Precursor holographs also matched his body movements.[1]

His outfit appears to resemble those of Ancient Greece, with the bronze hair on his head forming a laurel wreath. He wears a royal tunic with a staff in his left hand. His staff was used for various purposes; to pin Veger to a restraining device, to generate pants for Daxter, and to transform Tess into an ottsel. His staff may serve other functions that are unknown.

When he asked Jak to travel the universe with him and the other Precursors in the space shuttle, Jak ultimately declined. The Ottsel Leader thanked Jak, Daxter, Samos, and Onin for their bravery and wisdom respectively, and regarded Jak as one of the greatest of heroes.[1]

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