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Ozmar Itchy Drawers III is a character mentioned by Osmo in Daxter. He is Osmo's grandfather, and is only seen in a portrait placed on a desk in the Kridder Ridder shop. The emaciated elderly man wore a huge spray gun tank on his back and used a cane to support himself. He also wore goggles and had long gray hair pointing up around the bald spot of his head, affecting a "mad scientist" appearance to go along with his somewhat demented smile, long beard, and an unmaintained imperial-style mustache.

It was explained by Osmo when he told Kaeden that Ozmar had "worked his fingers to the bone"[1] to make the company what is was. In Ozmar's day, he had primarily only exterminated termites,[2] presumably never living to combat the metal bugs Osmo dealt with (however it is presumed he also partook in the extermination of the curly crab infestation in the year of '67).[3]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • His surname, Drawers, is presumed to be inherited by Osmo and his son Ximon, though the rest of his name was likely included in the game for comedic purposes.

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