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Trophy: Testosterone
Complete 'Pass the first test of manhood'.
Complete 'Pass the second test of manhood'.

Pass the first test of manhood was a mission in Jak II. Jak was locked inside the Tomb of Mar and forced to find the Precursor Stone before the Baron could get his hands on it. To unlock the door leading to the stone, he first had to pass the tests of manhood.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the silver trophy Testosterone.


At the main room (filled with constantly re-spawning fodders) inside the tomb, head left and go through this passage. You will meet some widowmakers. The first room is a pretty standard platforming course with obstacles. Amidst the dark eco filled room is a set of pillars with repeatedly alternating spikes on top. At the other side, you will have to move past moving poles and blocks back to the other side, where you can activate a button that begins a short cutscene.

The pillars will not have spikes anymore, but they move from side to side now. Repeat your previous pole-swinging actions to activate another button, draining the dark eco, and revealing a new passage. Go down there for a cutscene, where after you will have to play as Daxter for the only time in Jak II.

You will be running from the big stone sphere now. The difficulty lies in that finding out where you land is hard (due to a lack of a shadow) and not knowing whether or not you are going to land on a safe area, a single small platform or into a bottomless pit. Halfway through, an adult widowmaker replaces the sphere, though the gameplay remains practically the same. Eventually, you will make it to safety and the game will cut back to Jak – who also for the first time in Jak II is on his own.

The last obstacle course for this mission; more moving blocks and poles in a fixed horizontal perspective. At the end, you will find another button, which is the first key to unlocking the big door, where you also end up back at the main room as well. From here, you can go and pass the second test of manhood.

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