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Touch the goods again, rat boy, and you'll be, arrrk, counting with your toes!
— Pecker, Jak II

Pecker is a support character in Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing. He is a moncaw, using his skills of wisdom and interpretation to service individuals such as Onin and Damas in the second and third games respectively.


Jak IIEdit

Pecker screen

Pecker striking a pose

Pecker was first met in Jak II when Jak and Daxter arrived at Onin's tent for counsel. Daxter mistakes a sleeping Pecker for a dead moncaw, where Pecker quickly snaps and replies if Daxter touched him again he would be "counting with his toes". This started a long rivalry between the two spanning four games in total including PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Throughout Jak II Pecker is seen with Onin, interpreting for her, often adding sarcastic remarks.

Jak 3Edit

When Jak was banished to the Wasteland, Daxter and Pecker stayed behind with him. When they were rescued by Damas and a group of Wastelanders, Pecker became the adviser for Damas, the king of Spargus. Pecker mentioned his privileges and royalties of working for the king, as an angle against Jak and Daxter who had to fight their way through Arena of Death challenges to prove their worth and not be cast out into the desert. Later in Jak 3, Pecker is reunited with Onin after traveling through the catacombs subrails, to the eco mine, and then back to Haven City.

Later on he was told by Onin to escort Jak and Daxter through the palace ruins, though he abandoned them when they were attacked by a trio of dark satellites.

Jak X: Combat RacingEdit

During Jak X: Combat Racing, Pecker appeared as a co-presenter for the Kras City Grand Championship news station along with G.T. Blitz, during which he covered an investigation on illegal underground bets for the sport combat racing (much to G.T.'s dismay, as his alter-ego Mizo ran the operation). He later discovered someone was manipulating the sport. He also relayed to Jak that Mizo, who rules a racing syndicate, was in spite of Rayn's team (Jak's racing crew).



Pecker concept art

Concept art.

Pecker is a moncaw, half monkey, half macaw. As such, he has a face resembling a monkey, with a crown, or head, resembling a parrot. He has a monkey-like body but with bird-like feet and feathered wings. He also has a monkey-like tail. He has red, yellow, and blue coloration, typical to a scarlet macaw.


Pecker is a Spanish-accented, short-tempered, sarcastic character. He often loses his patience, especially with Daxter, and will make snappy remarks based on those he is interpreting. He is often found annoying for his obnoxious personality, especially Damas who interjected to silence him on a few occasions.