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The pedal-copter lurker,[1] also known as a flying lurker,[1][2] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. Only found in Mountain Pass, they group in an entire scouting party, travelling to tell another lurker to detonate the mines situated in the Pass.

During the mission "Reach the end of Mountain Pass", Jak used Keira's A-Grav Zoomer to reach the end of the Pass before the lurkers do. If Jak and Daxter arrive at the end of the Mountain Pass in time, they will be able to crash into the lurker demolition worker just before he detonates the explosives.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Pedal-copter lurkers are very similar in appearance to babaks except they have a purple coat instead of magenta, and have enlarged limbs (possibly due to the tendency to pedal their helicopter device with their hands). They also wear aviation goggles.

The pedal-copter lurkers will simply fly with the sole intent of reaching the end of Mountain Pass, and will not attack Jak or do much else. They appear to have a large grin and fly around recklessly.

Pedal-copter[edit | edit source]

The pedal-copter is the small transport vehicle used by the lurkers in Mountain Pass. It appears to have a wood and metallic frame with a small seat, a pair of pedals, and a propeller. Though it is only powered by the muscle force of the lurker, which moves the pedals and thus the propeller, it is seemingly impossible for such a creature to create the speed and power to make its wooden chopper fly. It even achieves a considerable speed and agility with it, making it a rather odd vehicle. It is impossible to destroy them or use them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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