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The power cell is a Precursor artifact seen in The Precursor Legacy and Jak X: Combat Racing. It primarily functions as a source of power, and is used as a means of providing energy that cannot be provided through other devices. Due to the power cell being an artifact, they are fairly uncommon.

When active, the power cell floats slightly above the ground with four separate spheres floating around the base sphere that is constantly glowing, resembling an atom. When it is inactive, it will compress into a small sphere about the size of a marble.


The Precursor Legacy[]

Concept art of the power cell.

Power cells function as the main collectible in the game aside from Precursor orbs, where they are needed to power items to reach new locations and forward the plot. Jak first needs twenty power cells for the heat shield, then forty-five for the levitation machine and lastly seventy-two for the heat shield's upgrade. However, to unlock the secret ending, Jak needs to collect one hundred power cells. There are a total of 101 power cells in the game, leaving a one power cell margin.

Power cells are scattered throughout the world and can be traded for ninety precursor orbs from the villagers (however, the oracle requires 120 for each of its two power cells).

Jak X: Combat Racing[]

Power cells during the turbo dash event in Jak X: Combat Racing.

In Jak X: Combat Racing, power cells reappear and are used to power race cars for a short few seconds much like turbo boosts, and to damage other racer's vehicles when fully using the race car's turbo. They only appear in the turbo dash and capture events.


  • The power cell was also mentioned as the part of the Hellcat that Daxter accidentally shot in the opening of The Lost Frontier, though it may just be a generic reference to a cell that provides power. It is possible that it's not the power cell seen in The Precursor Legacy and Jak X: Combat Racing.
  • In Jak 3, during the missions "Race for artifacts" and "Race for more artifacts", an artifact can be collected which vaguely bares resemblance to a power cell.