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The power station, also known as the power room, is a facility in Haven City featured in Daxter, Jak II, and Jak 3. It was used and maintained by Vin, and controlled critical Haven City functions such as the eco grid and Shield Wall.


The power station was primarily used for its warp gate that connected to the strip mine, drill platform, dig site, Fortress, and lumber mill, all of which had gates that pointed to the station (although the station itself only pointed to the strip mine, drill platform, and lumber mill). In Jak II, Jak also visited the station to talk to Vin, and once escorted a child heir to the station who would go under the protection of Kor. In Jak 3, the power station was revisited in the mission "Find cypher in eco grid", during which it was discovered Vin, who was thought to be killed during the Metal Head invasion, dumped his brain into the eco grid and could appear as a personified holograph.


Power station exterior

The power station building.

The power station is a building located in the south side of Industrial Section, relatively small in diameter but large in height. The interior room consists a railed island platform, with a seemingly endless depth beyond the rails. The room is filled with computer boards and monitors, with one teleport gate and a strange holographic sphere in the center of the room. The center of the power station's floor has its lightning strike emblem.


  • The ever-repeating Precursor text on the computer monitors at the station reads passages about Naughty Dog's dog Morgan: "Morgan / Morgan I miss you / There will never be another / Good dog / Thirteen years hard time / I will always love you / Morgan is still missed even after a year has passed"
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