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Precursor Basin is a location in The Precursor Legacy near Rock Village. Access is restricted to the A-Grav Zoomer, disallowing Jak and Daxter to travel the Precursor structure-filled plains on foot.


Herd the moles into their hole

Jak herding lightning moles into their hole.

Before his capture, the Blue Sage had journaled trouble surrounding Rock Village, particularly the spread of dark eco infections in the Precursor Basin.[1] Upon Samos' arrival to the village, he tasked Jak with curing the dark plants by distributing green eco over an infected patch with the A-Grav Zoomer in the mission "Cure dark eco infected plants". After curing the infection, a large uninfected flower sprung from the ground which produced a power cell.

Navigate the purple Precursor rings

Jak navigating the purple Precursor rings.

There had also been significant lurker activity in the Basin. After stealing a power cell from the Blue Sage,[2] a band of robbers fled to the Basin and began disturbing the rare lightning moles. Keira informed Jak and Daxter of the stolen power cell, opening the mission "Catch the flying lurkers", and the local Geologist requested of the duo that they herd the moles into their hole, for which she offered a power cell in compensation.

After speaking with the Gambler, Jak and Daxter also participated in a race at the Dead Man's Gorge racing strip in the Precursor Basin, with the Gambler as the financial beneficiary. In return for ensuring his "big pay-off", the Gambler rewarded Jak and Daxter with a power cell.


Precursor Basin 1

The Basin

The Precursor Basin is a river valley located west, north-west of Rock Village. Dominated by cliffs, grassy plains, and most notably large ruins of Precursor buildings, this geological depression is home to consistent atmospheric overcast, a band of lurkers, including robbers and babaks, as well as a concentration of the rare species of lightning moles inhabiting the Basin's underground passageways. It is proliferated with Precursor artifacts, namely Precursor orbs which can be found in groups throughout the Basin.

Due to the Basin's vast geography, tough terrain, and missions requiring higher speeds, this area is traversed with the A-Grav Zoomer. It is split up into three main sections, the entrance, Dead Man's Gorge, and the secondary plain. The entrance is home to two of the robbers, as well as the entrance to the Gorge. The Gorge is a race track-type area, though also contains the Basin's functional devices such as a sort of pumping station, as well as various places which may serve as observatories. The Gorge is also the only place where babaks are located. The secondary plain is home to the last two robbers, as well as the ring races and the dark eco infested plants.


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