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The Golden Order of Precursor Monks, more commonly known as the Precursor Monks or just the Monks, is an organization in Jak 3. They are a religious order of monks devoted to the Precursors, with the stated goal of discovering and protecting their secrets. Cloistered in the Monk Temple in the Wasteland, they were led by Seem (though both Damas and Veger at some point claimed their allegiance).


Jak 3[]

A monk who became petrified after touching a dark idol.

The Precursor Monks were first introduced in Jak 3 after the mission "Catch kanga-rats", where Jak and Daxter noticed Seem and a few other monks studying a dark satellite. Jak, after being warned by Seem not to touch it, unlocked the satellite and gained a dark eco crystal. Though the Precursor Monks themselves have little role in Jak 3, their sacred temple contains a triad of oracles which grant Jak his light powers. The monks are also the source of information given to both Veger and Cyber Errol, which is used to access the catacombs and awaken Dark Maker technology respectively. Though Veger ultimately gained the evolutionary upgrade to a Precursor in the Precursor core, the Time Map was hidden from Cyber Errol, and was given to Jak instead.



Precursor Monks are recognizable by their white face paint and other facial markings, along with rubber-made clothing with Precursor metal armor. They are constantly seen meditating on and praying over Precursor technology.


It is unknown who founded the order, or how long it has been in existence. It is led by Seem in Jak 3. Damas also described them as "his" monks, implying that the monks and Spargus are closely allied. However, Veger also refers to them as "his" monks, because of his liaison with them and his desire to be the savior of the world.



The monks' main use for transport are leaper lizards, which they use as an alternative to more modern vehicles. Seem, confident in their skills, wagers a valuable light eco crystal against the dark eco crystal that Jak got from the dark satellite in the mission "Beat monks in leaper race".

They also use monk gliders for any long-distance traveling over the Wasteland.