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The Precursor launcher, also referred to as simply the launcher, is a Precursor artifact seen in The Precursor Legacy. It is a circular, blue pad crafted into Precursor metal with the blue eco bolt symbol in a lighter shade of blue in the center. If channeling blue eco near one, the pad will automatically activate, warping the air above it.

To use it, you must position Jak on top and press the X button. They are used to acquire a high altitude with which to easily reach high areas or escape dangerous ground.

Locations[edit | edit source]

In Sentinel Beach, these are essential for allowing Jak to summit the cannon tower for the "Launch up to the cannon tower" mission. Jak must first switch on the blue eco vent in Forbidden Jungle in order to get a full charge of blue eco, where he can then launch up to the tower via multiple launch pads positioned on towering islands.

In Forbidden Jungle, they appear inside the Forbidden Temple for retrieving orbs and for providing an exit. One can also be found in the canyon as a faster way to reach the ground above.

In Boggy Swamp, they help Jak reach small pockets of closed areas (and once into a Lurker ambush in the "Defeat the lurker ambush" mission).

In the lost Precursor city, Jak uses three launchers to escape the rising dark eco in the mission: "Climb the slide tube".

In Spider Cave, there are two launchers. The first is used to escape a spider-infested tunnel in the mission "Navigate the spider tunnel". The second is used to reach some poles which Jak must swing on to reach a power cell in the mission "Launch to the poles".

In Gol and Maia's citadel they are used in a dangerous puzzle: Jak must try to jump onto moving launchers on his way to freeing the Yellow Sage. One is also used in the final battle on the dark eco silo to escape the huge explosions caused by the bombs from Gol and Maia's Precursor robot. This launcher is essential as the explosion will span the entire platform.

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