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Trophy: Zoom Zoom
Complete 'Race for more artifacts'. Bronze

Race for more artifacts is a mission in Jak 3. A storm had been "really churning the sand" according to Sig, who also said scanners show new artifact sightings. He offered Jak the option of another race through a sandstorm to find some more precursor artifacts.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak 3 will unlock the bronze trophy Zoom Zoom.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Nearly identical to the earlier Race for artifacts mission, except longer with less time and a decent vehicle this time. You get between twenty and thirty seconds for each artifact, which is often very hard if not for the turbo boosts the marauder buggies drop. Collect as many of these as possible and try to store them in case you actually need to use these.

The race through the desert leads from the top west of the Wasteland to the very south, going along the west half only. It peaks around the oasis from where it heads back up north again. There are several tricky artifacts placed behind the large broken bridges in this area. Take care to time with the jump. If you fail and fall into the canyon below, you often won't have enough time to make it back up again.

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