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The over world map from Jak X, showing all of the race tracks.

Race tracks are a primary gameplay element in Jak X: Combat Racing. As part of the Kras City Grand Championship, they typically either consist of original locations, such as cities, adapted as far more expansive race circuits (some of which were familiar, like Haven City or Spargus City), or large arenas used more as combat zones than actual racing tracks.

Between the aforementioned two and the newly introduced Kras City and Icelands, there are exactly three actual race tracks per region, with three others being a blend of the previous original tracks, sometimes blocked off as a means of creating alternative routes. Some also contain arenas, differing from race tracks in that they are open with no one way to traverse them.

Eco pick-ups are used to augment the race cars with which racers traverse the tracks. These include supplements to the car itself, such as health and boost, as well as defensive (rear) and offensive (frontal) weapons. To the extension of the turbo boost, there are also booster pads—large blue screens along the road with arrows pointing forward that will give the race car a full meter of boost.

Note that in exhibition mode, players can select any of the following race events depending on the type of track itself. For the original and medley tracks, players can choose between circuit race, freeze rally, turbo dash, death race, rush hour, or time trial. In the tour tracks however, they can only do a circuit race or time trial, as those tracks do not wrap around and thus are only capable of consisting of one lap. For the arena tracks, players can choose between deathmatch, artifact race, capture, or assassin, and even sport hunt for the four largest ones: Dirt Stadium, Wasteland Isle, Clifftop Battlefield, and Atoll Arena.

This article contains brief descriptions of each track below.

Type Spargus Description
Original Spargus City Takes you over Spargus' dusty streets and through the adobe-structured alleyways, as well as a short section along the beach.
Precursor Temple Leads directly through a Precursor temple for the most part, partially through the massive structure itself and partially through the mountainous area around it.
Canyon Run Leads through a desolate section of the Wasteland, with large dead trees arranged along the sides of the track, as well as many large, abandoned and partially collapsed ruins. There is also a tour through an abandoned mining or otherwise similar industrial compound.
Arena Wasteland Isle A large island track that offers a few large expanses of flat open sand as well as a multitude of interconnected tunnels, pathways and separate stretches of land, making for a potentially confusing race.
Desert Arena The second smallest arena track available. A single large area filled with sand and the occasional cactus, it features little of note. The center area has nothing to hide behind or to use to run away, and the small size of the arena means conflict is always nearby. There are a handful of rocks around the edges which one can use for cover when needed, however.
Medley Beachfront Drive One of several combination tracks, Beachfront Drive takes you along a sea-side cliff, emerging onto a section of the Canyon Run track, followed by a ride through the decrepit structure-littered canyon, splitting off again into a separate canyon. Afterward it heads into Spargus City, until exiting again and ending back up at the start.
Badland Sanctuary One of the longer tracks in the game, the sanctuary leads through a lava-themed part of the Precursor Temple track, through said temple itself, the outskirts of Spargus City and a drive through part of the city.
Tour Northern Tour One of the four larger tour tracks in the championship, the Northern Tour begins at the Precursor Temple, veering off into the lava-themed section of Badland Sanctuary, followed by the Spargus City track itself. Here, the tour cuts straight from the city streets into the beach without the usual windy tunnel and cliff jump in between. Then the track continues through the city, followed by the narrow passageway in Beachfront Drive, leading to Canyon Run, the last part of the tour.
Type Kras City Description
Original Kras City One of the smallest courses, the Kras City track leads only through the city itself, as its name implies. It was also featured in the opening sequence of the game, and as such, the exterior and bar sign of the Bloody Hook can be seen.
Dethdrome A track built for speed, the Dethdrome is a lengthy asphalt road set throughout the Kras City outskirts. It features a very wide, smooth and spacious course.
Loading Docks One of the easier tracks in the game, this track is of a relatively short length and has few difficult sections. It leads solely through an actual loading docks and transit zone of Kras City, a landscape surrounded by water. Shipping containers define the boundary for the majority of this course.
Arena Dirt Stadium This stadium is the largest man-made arena used for combat racing, with a massive dirt pit and few discernible features.
Mar Coliseum Peculiarly named after Mar, as Kras City appears to have no verifiable acquaintance with the figure as he is the legendary founder of but Haven City, it is the smallest arena in the championship. It consists of a flat oval ground area surrounded on all sides by a slanted oval leading inward. In the center stands a pillar holding up a considerably large sphere.
Medley Waterfront Loop Combining the streets of Kras City track and the Loading Docks, the Waterfront Loop has a variety of turns and corners but few clear straightaways. The scenic route between the two normally separate track leads over sea, with modern windmills constructed along the racing path.
Seaport Strip A combination track consisting of the Loading Docks and Dethdrome courses, it features both the tight corners and container-filled docks as well as the smooth and spacious asphalt road leading through Kras City's outskirts.
Tour Western Tour Located in the Kras City area, the Western Tour is one of the four larger tour tracks in the championship. The track starts at the Dethdrome, where it will actually stay for half of the entire course, eventually splitting off and entering the brief tunnel from Seaport Strip that ends with a booster jump, leading to the middle portion of Loading Docks. Following this, the track enters the second smooth road section of Waterfront Loop, immediately followed by the Kras City downtown section of the tour. The route does not stay here for very long either, as it crosses the bridge and heads back onto the Waterfront Loop, but this time its beginning. The race then ends quickly after it reaches the Loading Docks again.
Type Haven City Description
Original Haven City One of the longest in the championship, this track often spans only a single lap. It takes you through the Port, a more modern and expanded version of the New Haven district, the Slums, and the Industrial Section where it afterward returns to the Port.
Forbidden Jungle The new Forbidden Jungle track is a fairly standard course, leading through overgrown stone ruins, mountainous cliffs and across the shore of a beach. The actual jungle portion is never really visited, but trees do crowd the sidelines and clifftops. Despite its name, it is unlikely it has any relation to the Forbidden Jungle from The Precursor Legacy, rather, its name is a nod to it.
Sewer Raceway Taking place wholly in the expansive Haven sewers below Haven City, this track is not exactly conducive to high speeds, particularly turbo boosting. The course mainly encompasses the more recently built metal-structured sections of the sewers and some of the older stone works, which has largely been flooded and gone into a state of disrepair.
Arena Clifftop Battlefield This track consists of a large plateau, filled with grass and bordered by tall cliffs on three sides and a sharp drop to the open sea on another. The ruins of an old stone structure stands on one of the higher mountains as well.
Atoll Arena Similar to the pumping station in design, the Atoll Arena consists of a large C-shaped island, with one smaller island in the center, another in the mouth of the main one and a third one at the north edge. Numerous tall and narrow cliff structures can be seen, though they do not effect the track itself. On top of these cliffs are trees and futuristic buildings that commonly feature a saucer-like exterior design. At the northern end of the main island is a large satellite dish suspended in air by cables and surrounded by cliffs.
Medley Waterworks Circuit One of the more deadly combined courses in the championship, the circuit takes you through the Sewer Raceway below Haven City as well as through part of the Slums and Industrial Section of the city itself.
City Outskirts One of the more difficult combined courses in the championship, this track uses both Forbidden Jungle's ruined temple section and the more modern part of Haven City's streets, hence it has many sharp turns and few clear straightaways. This track is most memorable for the massive active volcano setpiece, with flowing lava being an actual threat to racers on the track.
Tour Eastern Tour The grand tour track of the Haven City courses in the championship, the Eastern Tour begins in the Forbidden Jungle track, followed by the short part of the City Outskirts that leads into the Haven City track itself. After driving through New Haven the course veers off again and enters the Slums portion of the Waterworks Circuit. The track continues and enters the Sewer Raceway, the last part of the tour.
Type Icelands Description
Original Frozen Speedway The smallest race course in the entire championship, the speedway has a lap limit of five for most of its events, in comparison to the average of two for normal tracks. Ice surrounds the track, with a few houses able to be seen, as well as other signs of habitation. The most memorable setpiece is a massive reptile skeleton, with its rib cage serving as the supports for a tunnel that is part of the race.
Mountaintop Highway Set among a mountain range, this track takes you across high standing bridges, through frozen tunnels and caverns and past a small collection of presumably inhabited buildings in the Icelands. It is also one of the few tracks to feature giant snowballs that pose a threat to racers.
Icebound Citadel The setting is a seemingly abandoned citadel, formerly belonging to Marauders and a portion of the frozen land outside. It is a large keep, fortified with multiple tall towers and walls lining the background, with spikes placed haphazardly on top. The roads inside the more habitable areas are wide and spacious, serving more to emphasize the emptiness of the citadel.
Arena Ice Pit Situated within a large crater or pit, frozen over with snow and ice, the Ice Pit is the only arena track located in the Icelands. While seemingly small, it has a large density of interconnected tunnels, paths, and bridges. There are a few spots with sparse barren pine trees and frozen pools, which can hinder some racers if they drive over it carelessly.
Medley Timberline Track One of two medley tracks in the Icelands, the Timberline Track starts out next to the uninhabited area of the crystal-filled caves of Mountaintop Highway, after which it leads across the frozen tundra of the Icelands itself and into the Marauders' Icebound Citadel.
Glacier Alley The only medley track that is not made up of two pre-existing tracks, the track is instead approximately the first quarter of the alley is original on its own, followed by the original portion of the Timberline Track only in reverse. After this you drive through the two tunnels and uninhabited frozen tundra featured in the Mountaintop Highway.
Tour Southern Tour The fourth tour track in the championship and the only one that does not actually drive along the entirety of the frozen wastes of the Icelands. Starting out at the end of the tundra of Mountaintop Highway, you will remain on this track for around a quarter of the race before veering off onto Glacier Alley, followed by a drive into Icebound Citadel, completely ignoring Frozen Speedway and the original portion of Timberline Track for the remainder of the race as you reach the finish line on the citadel route.
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