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A racer firing tracking missiles.

Racing weapons are equipped by race cars in Jak X: Combat Racing for the sport of combat racing. Either frontal or rear-based, racing weapons are acquired via yellow eco or red eco pick-ups, respectively (aside from the default submachine gun, given to you automatically in some events). Frontal weapons are primarily used for offense, whereas rear-based weapons are primarily used as defense mechanisms, though technically the roles are interchangeable depending on the situation.

Each pick-up selects a weapon semi-randomly (with certain weapons being more likely to show up depending on your situation), and contains two possible weapons within a single pick-up: the default weapon and its dark eco upgrade. The dark eco version is much more powerful than its default counterpart, and is activated by a fully-charged dark eco meter, achievable by collecting a kill streak (and slightly by sustaining damage).

List of racing weapons[edit | edit source]

The "System" column contains the name used to refer to the weapon pick-up in general. In most cases the default weapon's name is the same as the system name, though in all cases the dark eco version's name is different.

System Default name Dark eco name Description
Default weapons
Submachine gun Submachine gun Submachine gun A default rapid-fire weapon appearing only in arena tracks, the death race event, and the final boss fight against Mizo.
Yellow eco pick-up weapons
Vulcan Fury Vulcan Fury Coil gun A more powerful version of the submachine gun that fires a rapid stream of bullets at a slightly longer range.
Grenade launcher Fragmentation grenades Skullsplitter grenades Launches an arc of a few grenades at a medium-range projection, causing enough damage when fired consecutively to destroy an opponent.
Tracking missiles Homing missiles Strike missiles Launches high-longevity, high-powered missiles that track previously locked-on to targets as indicated by a red reticle (or a green reticle for drone targets).
Peace Maker Peace Maker missile Super Peace Maker Launches an extremely powerful missile in the form of an electrical sphere, similar to and named after the personal Peace Maker firearm.
Super Nova Super Nova Stellar Nova Terminates all opponent racers in front of its user, thereafter extending the victim's respawn time. Also named after the Super Nova Morph Gun weapon. Beware that this weapon will backfire if not used within ten seconds.
Red eco pick-up weapons
Static mines Magno-mines Land mine Deploys three magnetic mines that will attach to its victims and detonate afterwards (default version). Or, will deploy one land mine that will instantly kill those who drive over it (dark eco version).
Gun tower Gun tower Missile tower Deploys a stationary turret that will fire a rapid stream of bullets upon those within sufficient proximity (default version) or will deploy tracking missiles upon its targets (dark eco version).
Smoke screen Smoke screen Shock screen Releases a thick plume of smoke behind its user, effectively blinding those who pass through it (also inducing an electric shocks in the case of the dark eco upgrade).
Oil slick Oil slick Flame slick Releases a trail of slippery oil behind its user, effectively eliminating its victims' tire traction (also inflicting damage from the oil being set aflame in the case of the dark eco upgrade).
Saucer drone Blind drone Homing drone Deploys a small saucer that will destroy its victims upon contact. The blind drone will blindly follow a set trail against the flow of traffic, whereas the homing drone will seek out targets from a distance.
Attack drone Attack drone Psycho drone Deploys a hovering turret that will remain within close proximity of your vehicle, firing upon opponents within sufficient range.
Shield system Damage shield Deadly shield Will deploy a temporary force field around your vehicle capable of protecting you from every single racing weapon. The dark eco upgrade will also spell certain death for those who come into contact with it, whereas the default version only inflicts minor damage.
Turbo assist Turbo assist Ultra turbo assist Will charge your turbo meter while disabling the turbo of your opponents.
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