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The ranger zoomer,[1] referred to by Ximon as simply the zoomer,[2] is a large, lightly-armored zoomer used by Ximon in Daxter. Daxter used the vehicle twice with Ximon to hunt hive queens on Emerald Isle during two "Take out bug in Emerald Isle" missions. The ranger zoomer itself was otherwise only seen parked on a trans-pad next to a house in a cave inside Emerald Isle, with Ximon already seated on the vehicle.

Sporting a bright red paint job, the ranger zoomer is a very bulky vehicle with a pair of large exhaust pipes on either side of it, two seats in the main cabin, and a third sidecar on the left side. Attached to the sidecar is a small tail gun that had to be operated manually. The zoomer had no other weaponry beyond its sizable bulk and speed, though Ximon did make use of a cache of bombs the first time he and Daxter flew the vehicle.

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