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The rapid gunner (also known as grunt gunner) is an enemy in Jak II. It is a rare metal head only found in Dead Town during the missions "Protect site in Dead Town" and "Get Life Seed in Dead Town".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of the rapid gunner.

Rapid gunners are humanoid metal heads bearing many typical bio-mechanical metal head traits. They are very similar to the cloaker metal head and serve as a guard in passageways. They have a relatively small but wide head, no visible mouth and only two beady eyes with long metallic ears. Their skull gem is embedded in their chest, unlike many metal heads whose skull gems are located in between their eyes or some place on their head. They carry a dark eco rifle as a weapon, but have no other combat tactics.

They have the typical dark blue skin with a lighter blue underbelly and various metal plates for armor (though it is very minimal compared to most metal heads).

Combat[edit | edit source]

Jak fighting a rapid gunner.

The rapid gunner is a stationary enemy that relies on its fast-firing rifle with its good range to hold corridors on its own. It will patiently wait until an enemy comes into view and then fires a repeated stream of dark eco bullets at the enemy, where after it reloads for a second before it continues firing.

Defeat them using either brute force (if available; the Titan Suit) or use the Blaster or Vulcan's long range fire to take it out from a distance when it is reloading. One can also use the aerial wastelander move to knock it off balance from a distance, without needing to take time to aim, and then take it out before it can recover.

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