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Razer is a character featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. He was a retired Kras City Grand Championship champion, eventually becoming the top lieutenant to and primary enforcer of underground combat racing gang lord Mizo, running his gang of thugs, including Edje, Shiv, Cutter, et al., with a "sharp knife's edge", ensuring the Mizo clan got its cut of all money flowing into the sport of combat racing.[1]


Razer is first seen in Jak X during the opening sequence, listening to Daxter's story at the Bloody Hook of his and Jak's first day in Kras City. He pretended to indulge in the ottsel's story before putting a halt to the occasion, pulling out a knife and threatening Daxter. Jak eventually rescued Daxter, crashing through the establishment's window-side fish tank with the Sand Shark and telling him that they have gotten death threats.[2]

Jak later confronted Razer about the incident, though he was dismissive of it. Razer introduced himself, saying that he worked for Mizo and that "eventually everyone does". While Jak's reputation preceded him, Razer threatened him as he was "showing up [his] boys on the track out there", telling him he would not live long enough in a race to see him cross the finish line and that someone arranged a "few surprises" for the next race.[3]

Razer and Jak eventually grew to be the best two racers in combat racing, forcing Razer out of retirement in the middle of the Blue Eco Cup. He is beaten during the third Grand Prix race, but continues to race throughout the Yellow Eco Cup. His vehicle of choice was the Havoc V12.[4]


Concept art of Razer.

Razer is a tall, averagely built human male, in his early thirties with slick black hair, wearing a red, black-trimmed trench coat and beige pants with thick yellow gloves and large brown boots.

He has a well-maintained, debonair presence about him, coming off as poised and sophisticated, or, as described by Daxter, "[not] so tough" but having a "certain odd, sexy style."[5] In spite of this however, Razer is quite cruel and sadistic whose loyalty to Mizo is motivated by promises of rewards "beyond my dreams".[6] He is always seen smoking a cigarette, and possesses several effeminate mannerisms of speech and movement, affecting a posh accent and having a tendency to talk with his hands.