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The Red Sage is a character in The Precursor Legacy. As his name implies, he is the sage of red eco.

History[edit | edit source]

The Red Sage complimenting Keira for her role in defeating Gol and Maia.

The Red Sage in the citadel.

The Red Sage was captured by Gol Acheron and Maia to power their Precursor robot. According to Maia the sage hardly resisted at all when he was captured, although the state of his lab would imply a brief scuffle, and Maia is known for her sarcasm. Despite specializing in red eco, his temperament appears to be rather calm. Jak freed him eventually during his quest to stop Gol and Maia from flooding the world with dark eco. Delighted to be free again, the Red Sage congratulated them on their success, and combined his power with the other three sages to break the force shield surrounding the Precursor Robot. At the end of the game, he commented on Keira's potential to become a sage.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art.

The Red Sage seems to be a rather laid-back person, shown by his slow speech pattern, and his supposed lack of resistance when challenged. He is shown to be wise and courteous, giving credit to Daxter and Keira for their efforts. He lived inside Volcanic Crater. The Red Sage has a mustache, with a red, plump, round body. His only clothing is his metal-plated suit and the glowing red tubes around it (which presumably carry red eco in them). Like Samos, the Red Sage is able to shoot a powerful red eco beam from his hands.

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