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Red eco is one of the six types of eco in the Jak and Daxter series, and one of the four colored-eco components that make up light eco. It is the eco of short-range power and strength. The sage of red eco is the Red Sage.[1]


The Precursor Legacy[]

A red eco vent

Red eco was used throughout The Precursor Legacy to enhance the strength of its user (namely Jak). Red eco could be used to take out stronger enemies with one hit, perhaps the most useful being the bone armor lurkers, and especially during ambushes. It was required for three missions during The Precursor Legacy: "Return to the dark eco pool", which is the only time during the game that red eco is dropped by fallen enemies, during "Stop the 3 lurker glacier troops", and "Survive the lurker-infested cave". Being the rarest of the four eco-pick up types in the game, red eco is only found in Misty Island, Snowy Mountain, and Gol and Maia's citadel.

Jak II, Jak 3[]

During Jak II and Jak 3, red eco was used to power the red mod for the Morph Gun, which specialized in short-range brute force and closely resembled a shot gun. Red ammo could be found in crates and by killed enemies, and resembled a small floating disc glowing red in some spots.

Jak X: Combat Racing[]

During Jak X: Combat Racing, red eco was found in the form of a pick up and used as a defensive weapon (dropped in the back) to destroy oncoming enemies or targets.

The Lost Frontier[]

Red eco was used similarly in The Lost Frontier as in Jak II and Jak 3; it was used for the red mod in the Gunstaff, and resembled a shot gun. Red eco was also used in strength-related eco skills, namely one named the eco amplifier.


Red eco resembles (in cluster form) a red cloud of fire, with a red fog-like aura containing a smaller orange sphere moving inside of it. When coming from vents, it looks similar, but more like a red fire.