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Trophy: Stripped Down
Complete 'Rescue Vin at strip mine'. Bronze

Rescue Vin at strip mine was a mission in Jak II. Torn reported the Baron's mining operation at the strip mine was under attack from the Metal Heads. He send out Jak to rescue the foreman, Vin, an informant Underground.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the bronze trophy Stripped Down.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A more open area with many metal heads including two new ones: the stinger and the metal jacket. The stinger will pop out of the ground most of the time here, while the metal jacket appears only a couple of times and comes in flying out of nowhere with a loud shriek. The jacket is the dangerous one due to its powerful long range weapon.

When you enter the strip mine, you'll soon trigger a number of stingers, which are easily downed by the Blaster (or the Scatter Gun which makes it easy to hit them). Moving on, you'll also trigger grunts that will come down the hills and a single metal jacket. It's recommended to move slowly to avoid triggering too many metal heads (if you go too fast, you'll be hit in the back most likely which is troublesome).

The strip mine is pretty open and since most Metal heads only approach you if you get close enough, you should explore it fully to get all the skull gems. Eventually, you can only go up the escalators to move on; do so and then head up on the large carts hanging down from the rails to get to the light beam. More metal jackets will attack you here, so shoot them down with the Blaster, then just approach the building and rescue Vin.

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