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Trophy: We're All Friends Here
Complete 'Rescue friends in fortress'. Bronze

Rescue friends in fortress was a mission in Jak II. The Krimzon Guard managed to capture Jak's friends (Tess and the Shadow (young Samos Hagai)). This was due to Torn's betrayal as the Baron threatened to murder Ashelin Praxis, his own daughter and old friend of Torn. Jak had to fight his way through the Fortress to rescue his friends.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak II will unlock the bronze trophy We're All Friends Here.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once inside the fortress, take the nearby crates for some much needed ammunition. With this, head into the next room and equip the Blaster or Vulcan Fury. The initial idea is that you have to press the five buttons (four in this room, one in the next) to deactivate an electrical barrier. However, the next room will infinitely spawn red and yellow guards from the next room, not to forget the couple of hover guards appearing out of the depths below.

Guards in the fortress during the mission.

Rush towards the next room using the Blaster's wastelander moves or continuously firing the Vulcan Fury to prematurely stop the onslaught of guards. You can then take out any stragglers at your own speed and press the buttons. In the next room are three of the laser-guided turrets from the "Blow up ammo at fortress" mission. You'll have to jump on top of them to reach the other side from where you need to go through the half-pipe using the JET-Board while avoiding the electric traps. Next is another bit involving the JET-Board where you have to grind over the grind while jumping at the right time over the turret's lasers.

This room has a ceiling, which is the same as the floor back in the "Escape from fortress" mission; you'll be continuously shot at by guards with their rifles so don't stop moving. Like the first mission, "Escape from fortress", it is possible to get rid of the guards on the grated ceiling using Dark Jak's Dark Bomb. Right after this are three more guards with after the corner, another two turrets as well as two hover guards. Get rid of the ones on the left and use the computers behind them to take cover from the hover guards and the turrets.

After getting rid of all the guards, go past the turrets. Take care of some more spydroids appearing out of another bottomless pit in this small room and finally re-enter the prison area, the same area where Jak II began to complete the mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The hover guards in this mission, in rare cases, when defeated will drop dark eco upon death.
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