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Rescue lurkers for Brutter is the name given to two missions in Jak II. Both missions involve rescuing lurkers from prison zoomers throughout Main Town, both Gardens and western Bazaar sections of Haven City

The first mission is assigned by Krew, who is paid handsomely by an "associate" of his named Brutter for rescuing enslaved lurkers from the Krimzon Guard. He offered Jak a gun upgrade if he would rescue three lurkers for Brutter and bring them to his trinket stand in the western Bazaar.

The second mission comes directly from Brutter, who requires Jak's aid in rescuing six more captured lurkers from the Krimzon Animal Control. In return, Brutter promises to help them when they needed it, which he did at the end of the "Defend stadium" mission.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

First mission[edit | edit source]

Each lurker is locked up in a prison zoomer, which are set on fixed paths throughout Haven City (namely the Haven Palace/Tomb of Mar and southern Gardens areas). The goal here is to destroy each vehicle and then take the freed lurker to the trinket stand in the Bazaar, which will be marked on the minimap. Lurkers will simply jump on the zoomer given that you are stopped in the lower hover zone. You can use any zoomer to take the lurker to safety, and they are not negatively impacted in their performance. Lastly, lurkers are impervious to damage for the remainder of the mission.

The prison zoomers are fairly weak and slow; a couple Blaster shots makes short work of them, though it can be a nuisance if they manage to flee. When you start out, head to the massive statue of Baron Praxis south of the palace. There will be two transports right here, one on the left and one to the right. Shoot both of them down right away to avoid needing to chase down the other later.

Bring one of the rescued lurkers to safety and then come back for the other who will have not moved from wherever you left him. The last one will be around the southern Gardens.

Second mission[edit | edit source]

This mission is identical to the earlier rescue mission, except you must shoot down six prison zoomers. This time the drop-off location is not Brutter's trinket stand, but one out of three escape tunnels in either the northern or southern Gardens or inside Main Town (each of these has two prison zoomers nearby). As last time, all zoomers are good for use and is up to preference. Krimzon Guards are the only threat here, but they will not cause too much trouble if you ignore them.

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