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Trophy: Do Gooder
Complete 'Rescue wastelanders'. Silver

Rescue wastelanders is a mission in Jak 3. A large storm was approaching Spargus and Damas was still missing four Wastelanders who had not yet reported back. Jak was ordered to go outside and find them and bring them back safely.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 versions of Jak 3 will unlock the silver trophy Do Gooder.


Another racing mission through the Wasteland in the midst of a sandstorm while plagued by Marauders. Use the turbo's picked up from destroyed marauder buggies which helps to cut down on the timers. You have 1:30 minutes(on average) for each Wastelander in the desert. This includes driving over to them, picking them up, and dropping them off at the Wasteland transport which is also moving throughout the area. All of them are stranded inside the more or less south-western section of the island too.

When you go and pick up the fourth guy, you will notice the timer is a long 4:20 (or so) minutes. Approach the light beam only to automatically exit your vehicle and start a cutscene, where after you're forced to fight a dark satellite in this sub-boss fight. The timer will have been reset to 4:20 minutes again.

First, it will put up a shield and then fly above you and put up a large 'cage' made out of lasers emitting from its main body. The cage will get smaller and smaller, forcing you to stay as close as possible to the satellite. Right after, it will cancel both the shield and the lasers and plunge down into the sand, emitting a damaging shockwave on the ground around it. Dodge the shockwave and shoot it as many times as possible (use either the Wave Concussor or the Beam Reflexor), while it is vulnerable.

It will then reveal a tentacle, with which it will spin around and try to hit you. Just jump over it and keep shooting. After enough damage is dealt, it will repeat the first action again, followed by two shockwaves where after it pulls out two tentacles. Continue hitting it again up until the last phase where it has three shockwaves and three tentacles. Once enough damage has been dealt, it will explode in a cutscene. Quickly run back to the Sand Shark and race back to Spargus before the timer is up.

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