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The Rift Rider is vehicle intended for time travel discovered by Jak and Daxter atop the dark eco silo at Gol and Maia's citadel towards the end of The Precursor Legacy. At the time it was not yet visible to the players however, as the opened door only showed a bright light. It is then fully shown in the introduction scene in Jak II, where Jak and Daxter, as well as Samos Hagai and his daughter Keira, all prepare to travel through the Rift Gate which was found together with the Rift Rider. Also found were the Time Map and Heart of Mar, the latter of which functioned as the "start" button for the entire set-up.

Jak activated the Heart, causing the Rift Gate to open as well as allowing the Metal Heads access into the world, setting off the Metal Head Wars. The team panics and charge through the Rift Gate, the faulty launch causes the Rider to be destroyed once inside the time tunnel and as a result everyone is dumped over a large area in Haven City (and presumably slightly varying time differences as well).

Later on Jak re-unites with Keira, who explains she has been building a new Rift Rider based on what she remembered from the first one, meaning the rider is the result of a bootstrap paradox. Jak meanwhile re-acquires the Time Map and Heart of Mar and at the end, after defeating Metal Kor, sends his younger self and young Samos back in time through the Rift Gate. Samos would then store the Rift Gate and Rider in the past where they will find it again in the near future (while still in the past).


The Rider is not so much a vehicle as it is a device, since it has no wheels or engine to speak of. Instead it is merely an open cockpit with a bar to hold yourself inside and a large metal circular device at the back, this device can spin around and is linked to the Rift Gate, activating the Rider causes the Gate to activate and in turn allows time travel.