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The Road Blade is a combat racing car featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. It is one of the first vehicles used by Jak in the Red Eco Cup (along with the Basher), and was also used by Ashelin Praxis and Cutter in that cup. Prior to unlocking the Yellow Eco Cup, Jak's NPC will exclusively use this vehicle in exhibition mode. Additionally, in the Grand Prix of the Yellow Eco Cup, G.T. Blitz drives the vehicle sporting a pink body with yellow trim.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Road Blade's body is low to the ground and does not have much physical armor, with only two side panels on either side of it, a hood, passenger guards, engine plating, rear tire plating, and a spoiler to start with (note that the body parts can be modified, however).

A well-rounded vehicle, its average statistics in comparison to later vehicles betray the fact that it is a default starter vehicle. Not a brawler like the Basher and neither a speeder like the Firebat, its starting armor and top engine speed is not outstanding. This vehicle particularly excels on long stretches of road while boosting continuously due to an efficient turbo system. However, while boosting, beware of sliding out of control while drifting, to which it is particularly prone if it has boosted too long or if its driver is unpracticed. Despite its difficulties during sharp turns, it does not easily flip over, and can drift fairly well. The ways in which this vehicle stands out are its low-mounted guns, meaning you will not shoot over the shorter cars, though it is possible to shoot into the ground if aiming up-hill at a poor angle.

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