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Rush hour icon.

Trophy: Out of My Way!
Reach 150 kills in an Adventure mode rush hour event. Bronze

Rush hour is a type of combat racing event featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. Similar to the death race event, the objective is to destroy drone race cars in exchange for points. However, this time you will have to crash head-on into oncoming drones driving the opposite way, receiving one point for the green drone vehicles, two points for the rarer blue drone vehicles, and no points for the red vehicles, which in fact deal damage to your vehicle.

The PlayStation 4 version has a trophy named "Out of My Way!". Reaching 150 kills in an Adventure mode rush hour event will reward you with a bronze trophy.

A rush hour race.

Oftentimes you will have to go out of your way to collide with a drone, as they will not always appear directly in front of you. Note that every collision (aside from a red drone) fills your boost meter, which may aid in achieving a combo streak. The score multiplier from the streak will be added to your score after the streak ends.

The recommended vehicle for this event is partially dependent on the track, but also on your skill. You will want to complete laps as fast as possible to double your score intake, which requires a fast car. However, most fast cars are unlikely to keep their control when crashing into many drones in a row, especially when boosting and during difficult turns. To counteract this, you might rely on a slower but larger and armored car which is more likely to hit drones with its size and less likely to spin out of control. Whether to go for speed or strength thus depends on whether or not you can control the fastest, the most ideal, vehicle of choice.

Note that it is possible to fill up your dark eco meter in this race event after destroying many drone cars without crashing. But because racing weapons are disabled in this event, it is mostly useless other than for making your turbo boosts a bit more powerful.

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