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Ruskin is a minor character in The Lost Frontier. He served as the chancellor of Aeropa until his death, ruling the Brink-side city alongside Duke Skyheed.

History[edit | edit source]

In contrast to his counterpart, Ruskin seemed very skeptical of Jak, Daxter, and Keira, being the one who demanded Jak prove his mettle at the Danger Course before lending him the eco seeker, an artifact said to point to any major source of eco. Jak did prove himself, however, as Ruskin gradually admitted the stories seemed to be true.

While Ruskin seemed to be equally averse to the Sky Pirates, calling them "detestable creatures", he seemed to also be wary of the Dark Warrior Program, sharing the sentiments of former Aeropan commander-now pirate, Captain Phoenix. This could perhaps be why he was not as eager for Jak's association as Skyheed was, as Jak could have possibly propelled their program.

Toward the latter parts of the game, Phoenix and his crew began receiving secret messages, helping them in their war against Aeropa. It was later revealed to be Ruskin, who felt the program had gone too far. He threatened to kill Skyheed if he did not undo the damage he had done, just before Skyheed promptly blasted him to his death.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Chancellor Ruskin.

Ruskin is an elderly man with a drawn face, pale skin, and thin proportions. He wears a long purple and gold-trimmed coat over a simple white shirt with a mandarin collar, around which a red scarf is placed. He also wears thick green pants and knee-high socks.

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