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The Sand Shark is a buggy in Jak 3. It is earned before the mission "Destroy metal head beasts", and is used as the primary vehicle after the Tough Puppy, being used in several missions in the Wasteland, including various artifact collecting missions, and in the semifinal mission, "Destroy final boss". It has a compact metallic frame, two seats, dual-mounted machine guns, and dual turbo boosters. It has four drift-less wheels, capable of attaining fairly high speed and a decent turbo duration (1.5 seconds). This buggy is also slightly more well-armored, but less stable than the Tough Puppy, given its heavier weight but faster speed. However, it can only jump a few inches off the ground.

The Sand Shark was Kleiver's vehicle-of-choice in the mission "Beat Kleiver in desert race", however he later handed it over to Jak after having destroyed a pack of wasteland metal heads.


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